Magnificent Marine Micro-algae

Date Posted:17 October 2016 

Marine algae contains tons of compounds that may support the improved appearance and health of your skin. These include the protective effects of antioxidants more powerful than vitamin C and hydration and anti-ageing benefits.

Marine microalgae are rich in active compounds which can have medicinal and nutritional value. Algae mostly live in harsh shallow-water conditions and as a result are subjected to extreme environmental stress.  To survive these challenging conditions they produce protective compounds that help fight against the effects of this stress.  

Algae contains many compounds that may support the improved appearance and health of skin. They work by creating a breathable film over the surface of the skin, hydrating the upper layers.  They are extremely nourishing.  and red algae produce antioxidants thousands of times more powerful than vitamin C.

Our VIVA VOCE™ Intensive Hydration Serum contains red algae Rhodophyceae and hyaluronic blend which works as an excellent water delivery system for the skin. Also known as Chondrus Crispus, this ingredient is harvested from a natural culture of specially selected sea plants using a procedure that is sustainable and renewable. The extraction is performed using tightly controlled conditions resulting in a very high quality and pure product.

It creates a silky and delightfully cool effect in our serum which helps to provide on the spot hydration that is instantly gratifying

It also slows Trans Epidermal Water Loss TEWL (evaporation from the skin). Another benefit is that it allows prolonged delivery of our anti-aging active ingredients enhncing the opportunity for their effect. It is moisturising, protecting and softening - leaving skin feeling smooth, moist and refreshed. 



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