Our Story

Welcome to VIVA VOCE™ 

We are delighted to share our brand with you.

VIVA VOCE produces luxurious high performance biomimetic skin care, with an accent on clean and minimalist formulas that feel fantastic on the skin, and have immediate and long lasting effects.

Age management products are not just for the aged, but are about protecting, nourishing and enhancing your natural skin and are suitable for all ages. 

VIVA VOCE came about when I entered the skin care industry searching for a solution for my own skin care dilemmas.  My skin showed significant signs of premature aging by my late 30s thanks to many years in our our beautiful sunshine. Shift work didnt help either and then I had treatment for breast cancer in my late 30s which changed my skin on a whole other level. Looking older was distressing for me at that time because I associated that with being unhealthy, and not something I was keen to focus on.  I wanted my 'verve' back!

I became interested in cosmetic science, particularly focusing on skin aging. As a clinician of more than 20 years I became fascinated by the possibilities.  As a skin care industry professional, I have access to the extensive list of cosmetic actives available globally. But when you have damaged and/or aged skin, function is altered, so it is more challenging to effectively deliver active ingredients into the skin. It doesn't matter what fancy peptide or super oil you apply, if you don't properly hydrate your skin and normalise barrier function, they wont be effective.

My goal for VIVA VOCE was to create biomimetic products that would support skin in its role as a healthy, hydrated barrier. Then it may be able to tolerate and receive the benefits from anti-ageing ingredients.

This is our Intense Hydration Serum.  The feedback we are getting from our customers and stockists is fantastic.  I can honestly say that my skin is the healthiest it has been for many many years, and I am excited to share this product with other women. 

Moving forward, we have added in some other products that we love, especially our Anti-ageing Face Oil.  Once your skin is healthy you can get amazing benefit from anti-ageing actives. These enable effective delivery of concentrated actives in simple elegant products that can bring youthful dewiness back to your skin. 

I hope you enjoy using our beautiful products.