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I have very sensitive skin and was yet to find a skin regime I was totally happy with despite spending hundreds of dollars on 'sure things'. That was until I tried Viva Voce. I have been using these amazing products twice a day for over 6 mths and I love it!! So economical, simple to use and best of all no breakouts or skin reactions. The products are beautifully packaged and orders are received promptly after conveniently ordering online. Thank you Sharron for your hard work researching and developing these fabulous products! I'm hooked!! � Viva Voce! Clarissa 

This company makes fantastic products! I highly recommend them. My skin feels so much better now that I am using these products - less redness, reduced pores, brighter skin, and reduced lines. Fantastic value too!! What's not to like! Sharon

3 weeks in and have found this serum to be silky smooth on my skin. I have been using it under my make up and love it.
It's now a part of my daily regime. Lidia O

What a fantastic product! I've always been a bit scared of serums as I get a little greasy.
No need to worry with Viva Voce as it's so light and silky. 
It hydrates my skin perfectly! Lisa

This amazing product is the latest by Viva Voce. I've been personally using this face oil and am a massive fan of it. Gives your skin an amazing, silky smooth texture and is full of all sorts of goodies that your skin will love. Highly recommended for those with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin types. Alisha Just Bliss Beauty

So I don't do this very often but I have to rave about Viva Voce's Intense Hydration Serum. This product is absolutely amazing! Leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing! 💃🏼 Cassie

I absolutely love your products I first used it in December and have returned for more. Your new product is sensational congratulations I love it❤️❤️❤️Awesome to know your products are made local 🌹Awesome products Robyn

I love this! (Face oil) I have oily skin but this product is really light. Makes my skin feel beautiful!

The Viva Voce Intense Hydration and Energising Eye serums have been part of my regular beauty routine for the last 8 months. The products feel light and silky on my skin, and leave it feeling fresh with a healthy glow, that is often commented on by others. I highly recommend the products to others, particularly those with mature skin who want to look radiant and fabulous. Jodie

Beyond amazed with this product. It is the only product In my daily routine for my skin, I use it twice daily, have swapped out my moisturiser for this and am so pleased with the difference. Would recommend x Ella

I have sensitive skin & have been using the intensive hydration serum for about 3 weeks. It's great! No reactions. It's light on my skin & most if all, I've had people say my skin is looking the best they have ever seen. Thank you. Kellie C

I use Viva Voce Intense Hydration Serum after cleansing my skin morning and night. Just a few drops leaves my skin feeling firmer and hydrated. Lovely and light, perfect to use with Viva Voce Energising Eye Serum and under Viva Voce Anti-Ageing Face Oil. Great that it is fragrance free, oil free and paraben free. Sue 

It is a wonderful product, makes my skin feel so soft & moisturised without being greasy. Toni

Well it's been nearly 3 months now that I started using the serum and I cannot go a day without having it on my skin. No dry skin over winter for the first time ever. I love this product. Use it under my make up daily and before bed. Can highly recommend it. Lidia O